Hey, I'm Bartek (bar-teh•k). I work as a software engineer at an American InsurTech company, where I tightly collaborate with stakeholders, designers, and fellow engineers to craft high-quality products used by thousands. Specializing in the frontend, my mission is to make the web experience smooth and fast for all users.

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I'm passionate about the web, however, my background spans across various technologies and domains. Before any of my commercial experiences, I polished my skills by working on numerous projects, either solo or together with two of my friends under the brand flatpixels. From Unity games, through blog themes and Mac apps, we've tried it all.

I live in Warsaw, Poland. After work, I enjoy artistic pursuits such as photography and music. In the past, I worked as a semi-professional photographer and maintained a photo journal where I posted my photos daily — almost 1700 days of my life are documented in everyday photos.

Photo of Warsaw
Photo of a mountain landscape in Morocco