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GitPigeon is an application I built with my friends under the brand flatpixels. It sends you native Mac notifications about what's going on in your repositories. Currently owned and maintained by Krzysztof Zbudniewek — one of the original creators and the guy who came up with the idea.

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one of the marketing assets we prepared for the launch

The client part was written in Swift, the backend in Ruby on Rails, and the landing page was crafted using Gatsby. GitPigeon's official launch happened on ProductHunt, where it got 130 upvotes and over 300 unique visitors on the launch day.

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While working on MonoFocus, we lacked a tool that would send us only the relevant GitHub notifications. So we built one.

Before, we were using either email or GitHub inbox. It wasn't ideal. It was hard to keep track of everything and navigate through the unwanted noise. Who needs a notification about a new unrelated comment under a PR that they already left a review on?

GitPigeon was meant to be an opinionated tool that we'd use ourselves. Additionally, having our previous experiences with 1440, we knew that launching smaller side projects is a decent marketing strategy that works in the macOS realm. So we decided to give it a try.

Over 420 people who came to GitPigeon, also signed up for MonoFocus beta list.

The project turned out to be quite successful. To date, it have sent hundreds of thousands of notifications to hundreds of users and organizations.